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Your current Trustee Directors

The Plan is managed by a Trustee company called Hewlett Packard Enterprise UK Pension Trustee Limited. There are currently eight Trustee Directors: five are appointed by the Company and three are nominated by members of the Plan, known as Member Nominated Directors (MNDs).

Your current Trustee Directors

Appointed by the Company
Paul Early* (Chairman)
Jonathan Lord
Gill Manning
Keith Norrington*
Martin Smith*

Nominated by members
Beverly Clements*
Philip French*
Phil Lawman*

* Trustee Directors in receipt of a Plan pension.

To view the full Trustee Board list, visit www.hprbp.com/plan-information/trustee.

Trustee board

Interactive diagram of Sub-Committees Main Board Funding and Covenant Sub-Committee Trustee Investment Sub-Committee Operations Sub-Committee Audit Sub-Committee De-Risking Sub-Committee
Select a Sub-Committee name above to reveal which Trustee Directors are members of that Sub-Committee.

Trustee Directors

Paul Early (Chair)

Jonathan Lord

Gill Manning

Keith Norrington

Martin Smith

Beverly Clements

Philip French*

Phil Lawman

Select a Sub-Committee name above to reveal which Trustee Directors are members of that Sub-Committee.

For an explanation of the roles and responsibilities for a specific Sub-Committee, select a Sub-Committee from the options below.

Funding and Covenant Sub-Committee

This Committee looks at the financial strength of the Company to assess its ability to continue to provide financial support to the Plan (also known as the strength of the Company’s covenant). It also makes recommendations to the main Trustee Board on matters relating to the funding of the Plan. To achieve this the Committee:

  • Monitors the funding status of the HP Plan and progress against the Trustee’s ‘journey plan’ to full funding;
  • Works with the Scheme Actuary to formulate and recommend to the Trustee Board the most appropriate funding strategy;
  • Ensures that the Trustees are complying with all relevant and applicable scheme funding legislation;
  • Gathers information about those HP entities which have a legal responsibility to financially support the HP Plan;
  • Obtains information, where appropriate, on the wider HPE group, to help assess the indirect as well as direct covenant;
  • Provides direction to the Scheme Actuary and appointed covenant adviser; and
  • Reports back to the Trustee Board on the Committee’s findings.

It also considers funding related proposals made by the Company as well as the impact on the Plan funding (if any) as a result of changes within the Company.

Trustee Investment Sub-Committee

The main objectives of this Committee are to:

  • Devise, and recommend to the Trustee Board a suitable asset allocation policy and investment strategy that maximises the ability of the HP Plan to pay members benefits as they fall due;
  • Implement and monitor the approved policy and strategy; and
  • Ensure that the Trustee Board is complying with its fiduciary duties in respect of investment issues.

Operations Sub-Committee

This Committee focuses on the administration of the Plan. Its primary responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure the general administration of the Plan is functioning and operating effectively and efficiently with a view to providing and maintaining a consistently high quality of service to members;
  • Document and keep under review the Plan’s administrative policies and procedures to ensure a good governance framework is in place;
  • Promote accuracy and clarity in the communications issued by the Trustee; and
  • Ensure that the Plan’s administrator has all the relevant information available for them to undertake and fulfil their duties effectively.

Audit Sub-Committee

The Audit Sub-Committee manages the annual audit of the Plan’s formal report and accounts. This includes the appointment and management of the Auditor. To achieve this, it works closely with the Operations Sub-Committee to oversee the production of the annual report and accounts.

De-Risking Sub-Committee

De-risking is an investment process, whereby the Trustee looks to transition the investments the Plan holds from those designed to grow in value to those which are more closely aligned to the benefits the Plan will ultimately pay. The Trustee has agreed an investment strategy to achieve this objective. This Committee was responsible for implementing this strategy and now monitors its ongoing delivery.

Advisers to the Trustee

The Trustee is supported by a number of professional advisers. These include:

Secretary to the Trustee
Inside Pensions Limited

David Eteen FIA, Aon Hewitt Limited

Equiniti Pensions Solutions


Covenant Adviser
Lincoln Pensions Limited

Investment Consultant
Mercer Limited

Linklaters LLP

Communication Consultant
Concert, a Buck company

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