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Don’t forget to manage your pension online

Log on to ‘My pension’, the Secure Member Area of the website managed by our Administrator, Equiniti.

View and update your contact details or use the online calculators to show you an estimate of your retirement benefits or get a transfer value.

Not accessed ‘My pension’ previously?

You have already been pre-registered, to complete the process you will need:

Your username

This is the first two letters of your surname followed by your first initial and then your Pension Reference number*.

For example:

Name: John Smith

Reference number: 234567

Username: SMJ234567

Your temporary password

Simply combine your year of birth followed by your full National Insurance Number.

For example:

Year of birth: 1968

NI number: AA112233A

Initial password: 1968AA112233A

As part of the process you will be asked to set your own password to use when accessing ‘My pension’ again at a later date. Please provide us with your current personal email address by adding it to the ‘Your Details’ section to ensure that you are notified of any updates.

*You can find your Pension Reference number on any correspondence you have received from Equiniti. Alternatively call them on 0333 2076553.

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